Marketing researches for a small business
We know that small businesses need information to form the correct positioning, strategy and pricing policy, so we offer budget analytical reports that give general ideas about the market, consumers and competitors in a concise form, as close as possible to international standards.
General analysis
Lite Market
- analysis of current trends in a given market;
- analysis of market volumes and dynamics over the past few years;
- assessment of market development prospects in the next few years
25,000 rubles
5 working days
Demand and Consumer Analysis Lite

- a general analysis of market demand;
- analysis of consumers: characteristics of the target audience and segmentation;
- analysis of consumer preferences and expectations.
30,000 rubles
7 working days
Analysis of offers and competitors Lite

- general analysis of supply on the market;
- characteristics of the main direct competitors;
- competitive analysis with a focus on assortment and pricing policies (no more than 10 companies).
35,000 rubles
7 working days
Marketing support
Marketing support services or “outsourced marketing” is the transfer of all or part of a third-party marketing task. This approach is gaining relevance every year and is becoming more widespread. The most common reasons for outsourcing part or all of the marketing functions:

Lack of department
Marketing Request for custom solutions

Do you doubt the quality of the traffic you drive?
Check every customer.
Not sure whether to introduce a new stock?
Find out what your customers think about it.
Launching a new product?
Design it together with the target audience.
Not sure if your employees work well?
Identify ineffective people.
Why us
Research is the foundation for right decisions
You will receive not only statistical information from us, but also expert recommendations on its application.
More than 3 years in the market
Own call center
Program quality control of the questionnaire
Recordings of conversations and video materials are provided free of charge.

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